Mary Ryan Poems

The Cat Lies Dreaming

Kitten prances through the house
Triumphantly killing catnip mouse
The young cat moves with queenly grace
A serene expression on her face... more »

A Girl With Blue Green Hair

One Sunday morning I hurried on my way
And I arrived at my church ready to worship and pray
Then I saw a girl with blue-green hair
She walked away, not welcome there... more »

The Scars And Stripes

The stars and stripes
Reflect my freedom
In this land
I live each day... more »

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Comments about Mary Ryan

Rosemary Cousins 29 Oct 2012 01:40
It was a blessing to meet Mary Ryan last weekend at a women's retreat. I read a peom of hers that she wrote the first evening of the retreat in just a few minutes time. It was wonderful. I don't see it posted yet but would like to read it again. She is a very special and talented lady.