• The Biker's New Mission

    Once he rode motorcycles
    Living only for pleasure
    Not knowing of heaven
    God's greatest treasure... more »

  • The Cat Lies Dreaming

    Kitten prances through the house
    Triumphantly killing catnip mouse
    The young cat moves with queenly grace
    A serene expression on her face... more »

  • The Cross & The Manger

    He came as a Babe
    In a manger of hay
    Born to us
    On Christmas Day... more »

  • The Good Lord Watches Over Poets And Fools

    The good Lord watches over poets and fools
    Not exactly one of life’s little rules
    Now which one do I happen to be?
    Give me a minute and you shall see... more »

  • The Real Reason

    I'm going to tell you something you might consider funny
    But Easter isn't all about the hip hoppity bunny
    NOr is at about candy and all those other sweets
    And the eggs in the basket and other fun treats... more »

  • The Scars And Stripes

    The stars and stripes
    Reflect my freedom
    In this land
    I live each day... more »

  • There Is A New Meaning

    Christmas has a new meaning
    When we realize the reason
    Why we are celebrating
    This holiday season... more »

  • What Can I Do?

    Saved by Your grace
    Saved eternally
    Your love gift freely given
    For my life on Earth and in Heaven... more »

  • What I Leave Behind

    No one ahead to carry on my name
    But I leave a legacy just the same
    The gift God gave I choose to share
    And opportunities come from everywhere... more »

  • What Will He Say To You?

    When your life is over
    Your earthly time is through
    In Heaven when you stand before the Lord
    What will He say to you?... more »

  • Wondering

    Sometimes I have to wonder
    When what I desire is not to be
    Lord, I know that I can do it
    Just You wait and see... more »

  • Words Without Meaning

    Words without meaning the Bible is to the lost
    They read the words without understanding the cost
    They read of the scrafice of Christ on the cross
    Not understanduing why it seemed such a loss... more »

  • Worship #1

    Here on Earth
    Beautiful music
    In one accord
    Honoring God... more »

  • Worship #2

    What is worship to me?
    Is it the songs I sing?
    Or the prayers I say?
    Do I come to Him with a willing heart?... more »

  • Years

    Where do the years go?
    Sometimes we don't really know
    All too quickly they seem to fly by
    And to so many people we're saying 'Goodbye'... more »

  • You Cannot Hide

    I know that you are weeping
    Your tears are flowing free
    I know it’s deep within your heart
    You cannot hide from Me... more »