• A Deaf Musician

    As though a deaf musician, I am part
    Of some great orchestra I cannot hear.
    The only notes that fall upon my ear
    Are those which rise unbidden from the heart... more »

  • A Need To Kneel

    I have a need to kneel, though it is hard
    To formulate just why this should be so.
    Why fall upon my knees? It's not as though
    The dignity of upright stance is barred... more »

  • A Need To Sing

    Pure music stems from perfect instrument,
    Clear liquid from a spotless jug must flow,
    So how can I, with groping words, present
    In their simplicity the truths I know?... more »

  • A Seed

    A seed lies in my hand, shrivelled and lined,
    Such humble home for cosmic mystery.
    Yet, deep within this scrap of dust we find
    The essence of a world. Of limits free... more »

  • An Early Night

    He said he'd ring as soon as he returned.
    At nine, indulgent of her eagerness,
    She settled down with joy to wait and turned
    Her chair to face the 'phone. At ten the stress... more »

  • Battle On The Beach

    Holding the baby, mother stood inside,
    Whilst father and the older boys worked hard
    Around them, piling up the sand. The tide
    Crept nearer, threatening the wall that barred... more »

  • Below Stairs

    At times it feels as though I'm trapped below
    The slatted floor of heaven. Fleetingly,
    I glimpse an angel's foot, or what might be
    The shadow of a trailing wing, and know... more »

  • Between The Lines

    I had a form to fill the other day
    Which, when completed, could be said to be
    An outline of my life. How carefully
    I edited the story to portray... more »

  • City Church

    The door stood open and, not knowing why,
    I left the clamour of the city street
    And slipped inside. Cool silence came to greet
    Me like a balm, as though it would defy... more »

  • Conscripted Angels

    'An angel never wriggles, sulks or talks, '
    The small boys' harassed teacher told her class;
    Then marked out on the floor with coloured chalks
    Where each of them should stand. 'Nor does he pass... more »

  • Flight

    The scientists in solemn conclave met,
    Each bearing theses on the laws of flight.
    That man had reached the moon they knew, but yet
    Was there some flaw, some vital oversight?... more »

  • For Sale

    My home for fourteen years, but, in your eyes,
    It's termed a saleable commodity.
    Absurd to feel defensive, but it's me
    You're wounding when you pause to criticise... more »

  • Generation Gap

    Perhaps I'm slightly envious of you;
    Perhaps I wish that I could be contained
    Within that very private world that few
    Can understand, or reach, once they have gained... more »

  • Growing Up

    The day I could no longer walk with ease
    Beneath the table, made it clear to me
    That I was growing. Soon my parents' knees
    Were way below my eye-line. I could see... more »

  • Homes Or Gardens?

    I'm sure they would be happier outside;
    You're sure they would give greater joy indoors.
    I'm certain they would take far greater pride
    In brightening the earth; you plead the cause... more »

  • Hope

    I never liked to ask my father why
    He stood each morning looking out until
    The postman came to bring the usual bill
    Or circular. He knew, and so did I,... more »

  • How Thomas Felt

    I know how Thomas felt; although he saw
    Their shining faces telling him what they
    Had seen, for him it could be nothing more
    Than second-hand experience: the way... more »

  • I'M Sitting Here...

    I'm sitting here and you are sitting there,
    You're telling me what's happened since we met,
    And I am happy for I love to share
    All aspects of your busy life. And yet -... more »

  • In From The Cold

    A feline fairy-godmother passed by
    When I was born, and paused to wish on me
    The gifts that cats esteem: a questing eye
    A solitary mien, the need to be... more »

  • In Touch

    At sculptured forms my eyes snatch eagerly,
    Dismissing at a glance the chiselled stone
    And dwelling on design. The hands alone,
    With questing touch, seek in humility... more »

  • Jungle Games

    Forgotten jungles fired those blazing eyes,
    Whilst from the throat an ancient memory
    Gives utterance to low, staccato cries.
    Attention that before roamed wide and free... more »

  • Midsummer Day's Dream

    Slow, Summer days that slip away into
    The drowsy twilight's welcoming embrace.
    Soft, sun-bleached skies whose parasol of blue
    Reflects the tranquil bloom on Summer's face.... more »

  • No Badges

    You wear your badges with such pride and I
    Admire you unreservedly. I share
    Your consternation and concern. I care
    About the principles you're standing by,... more »

  • No Overture

    There is no overture to art, no time
    Of introduction whilst the painting grows
    To fullness and the viewer slowly knows -
    As with the steps of melody or rhyme -... more »

  • Old Acquaintance

    I met my teenage self the other day,
    She stepped out of the note-books that I'd kept
    And looked at me accusingly. Except
    In trivialities, there was no way... more »