• Out Of Step

    I lean upon my spade and think it wrong
    That worms should suffer in the thrush's beak.
    I lean against the garden wall and seek
    Some explanation why the thrush's song... more »

  • Pavement Artist

    I watch the workman place the paving stone
    And, with a craftsman's dextrous care, smooth fine
    The ridges of cement which blur the line
    Between the butting slabs. These hands have grown... more »

  • Pebbles

    A photograph of pebbles on the shore;
    Smooth, basking pebbles, polished by the sea
    To form a subtle, blue-grey tapestry -
    An image of the scene the camera saw.... more »

  • Poetic Law

    Housed in the framework of poetic law
    There dwells a thought. So small a home, yet by
    Its very discipline we can ensure
    That nothing wasteful is allowed to lie... more »

  • Poppy Field

    A sea of living crimson caught my eye
    Of oriental splendour, out of place
    Beneath the pastel of an English sky
    Where soft-toned pastures etch the tranquil face... more »

  • Remember Me?

    Do you remember me? I've never known
    A chance acquaintance with the clarity
    That I knew you. Eyes met in unity;
    I read your mind, in truth it was my own,... more »

  • Sunken Garden

    On Summer afternoons, from two to four,
    The sunshine's probing fingers gently trace
    A passage 'twixt the city roofs to pour
    In fullness on a basement dwelling place.... more »

  • The Choristers

    Small, solemn faces sparkle with the fire
    Of Christmas coming. Slight, schoolboy figures -
    Far removed in spirit from the rigours
    Of the sports' field - now constitute a choir.... more »

  • The Drought

    Have we forgotten how it is to weep,
    And taught the very clouds to curb their rain?
    Have we anaesthetised all joy and pain
    And trapped creation in this arid sleep,... more »

  • The Game Of Cat And Man

    Down from the dresser floats a paper ball,
    Precisely timed to dropp as I pass by.
    She waits above, a feline Jove, to ply
    Her further thunder-bolts should I not fall... more »

  • The Last Word

    And yet, I wonder, is it worth so much?
    Although it gives great satisfaction at
    The time of utterance, and comes with such
    Alacrity and verve - a trifle pat,... more »

  • The Mirror

    Within the theatre foyer, on the wall,
    There hung a gilt-edged mirror. It had been
    An actor's gift and underneath, in small
    Neat lettering, the words were clearly seen:... more »

  • The Mystery

    I marvel at the potent mystery
    That way above me, shining in the skies
    And clearly visible to modern eyes,
    Are stars that died far back in history.... more »

  • The Needle's Art

    Quiet, self-effacing craft; the needle's art
    Knows care and discipline, not vanity.
    It pleads no cause, unburdens not its heart,
    Portraying truth with simple clarity.... more »

  • The Other End Of Heaven

    How can true knowledge fade and disappear?
    Where does it go? Only the other day
    My fingers touched the stars; and yet today
    Known formulations blur, to re-appear... more »

  • The Phoenix Needs The Ashes

    An organism crumbles from the core
    And we, who dance on the circumference,
    Stick paper on the cracks in the pretence
    That they will disappear if we ignore... more »

  • The Prisoner's Wife

    She sits there, fingering her wedding-ring
    With restless hands, while counsel for the Crown,
    Urbane and skilled, concludes his questioning.
    She listens, keen and anxious, quick to frown... more »

  • The Right Approach

    Do you recall that tiger at the zoo?
    We tried so hard to make him look our way.
    You whstled; but I said, 'It doesn't do
    To whistle at a tiger. You should pay... more »

  • The Simple Art

    Sometimes I wonder, Lord, just what you plan
    For me. It isn't power, or great success,
    Or tranquil and domestic happiness
    That flows from motherhood; and though I can... more »

  • The Unknown Factor

    I can accept, because I'm told it's true
    And observation prompts me to agree,
    That what I'm standing on so trustingly -
    This solid earth, this globe on which I grew... more »

  • The View

    'We'll take you up to see the view, ' they said.
    And so we journeyed through the Autumn rain,
    The children wishing they had played instead;
    Their weary parents trying to explain,... more »

  • To The Person Who Stole My Purse

    I'd like to think you needed it much more
    Than I - that generosity had been
    Drawn out of me despite myself. For your
    Mean act illuminates where I was mean.... more »

  • Two Tea-Cups

    Two tea-cups on a tray; such simple things
    To speak of wordless joy, and yet they say
    That you were here. What sweet content it brings
    To note the dented cushion where you lay... more »

  • Under The Skin

    Come, meet me in the dark with outstretched hands,
    I would not know your colour or your kind;
    And do not speak, in case my biased mind
    Forms judgement long before it understands... more »

  • Unicorn

    My mind has seen you; though my eyes are veiled
    In doubt and search for you in vain.
    My heart has found you; though my feet have failed
    To tread the secret path to your domain.... more »