• Unity

    A willingness to yield my treasured will;
    Acceptance of a curb on my desires;
    A recognition that I will fulfil
    Your plan for me; can this be love? The fires... more »

  • Verbosity

    Were I allowed a single word each day
    Perhaps I'd value it. I'd give it thought
    And speak it slowly, as a child is taught
    To do. And then, who knows, each word might say... more »

  • What If?

    What if there never was a virgin birth,
    No cattle bearing witness to the sight;
    What if no angels sang of peace on earth,
    No star shone tribute in the winter's night?... more »

  • Who Am I?

    Who am I? I, the voice that whispered to
    Me in my cot, he blackboard studied when
    I went to school, the values gathered through
    The passing days, wise words gleaned now and then,... more »