• Choices

    Back and forth,
    We wave choices.
    Back and forth,
    We switch around.... more »

  • Down To The Bone

    The scars you see
    Are really much more deep
    The farther you delve
    The colder I've felt... more »

  • Flowers And Thorns

    Children running through broken towns
    People buy without looking around
    Families smile with few gifts they've been given
    Lonely people hugging again... more »

  • Mislead Love

    Hold my hand
    Give me a kiss
    See a new band,
    'Listen to this'... more »

  • Naive

    How can you say
    You know it all?
    You don't even know
    How many inches you are tall... more »

  • Reality

    Tear us apart
    Call us united
    Mess with our hearts
    make a fight undecided... more »

  • Who Are You Going To Be?

    Is this what you want
    Or even what you think
    Living your dreams
    Or following false beleifs... more »