Mashallo Samilo Biography

I was born on 15th May,1991 in Zomba, old capital city of Malawi as Mashallo Stewart Samilo also known as Brain or Mashallo. I am a musician cum poet/writer. I have published my other poem titled my dream with UNICEF. I started writing lyrics at the age of 12. I recorded my first audio track at the age of 16. My first album is called Clueless; it was firstly released as No Nah Trepidation in 2009. My poems are published by our local newspaper, Malawi Times news like Bwadzulu and Welcome to Malawi.
My first music video is Welcome to Malawi (one of my poemswhich appeared in Malawi Newspaper and 2015 Malawi Writers 20th Anniversary Souvenir from my coming anthology titled Wokoma Nyasa) .
My music and poems are based on natural environment, self and other people’s experiences. Wokoma Nyasa which means Malawi is tasty contented with Malawian breath-taking stories is an anthology that will hit international stage.