European born actress/writer Masiela Lusha portrayed ‘Carmen Lopez’ for five seasons as George Lopez’s rebellious and passionate daughter on the syndicated ABC series, “George Lopez”. Raised in Tirana, Albania; Budapest, Hungary; and Vienna, Austria, Masiela settled with her mother in Michigan at the age of seven. English is her fourth language.

Masiela has been named “The Youngest Author in the World” to publish a book in two languages. She designed the cover herself at the age of twelve, and was also named as one of “The Best Top Ten Talented Poets for North America, ” for her first book “Inner Thoughts.” She views writing as an expression of herself where she can “create secret worlds without boundaries, ” and currently her second book of poetry “Drinking the Moon” will be released in print this summer by Dorrance Publishing. Through her poetry she paints portraits of character, human emotions, experience, insecurity, and pride; and reflects on the betrayal of friendships, and on the society surrounding her.

Her writing also includes screenplays, short stories, and her first novel, “The Bessa” which is in its fourth chapter. She is currently drafting an essay on why poetry could never die.

Masiela graduated from high school at 15, and was warmly accepted as a junior to UCLA at the age of eighteen, majoring in English. In her spare time she also enjoys affiliating with Reading Programs around the country where she promotes the utter importance of understanding and appreciating the written language.

Before becoming an actor, she was named by Teen Magazine as one of five to “Most Likely to Succeed” in 2000. Overcoming language and culture barriers, Masiela feels she has had many examples that have set the precedence in her life of knowing that one can accomplish anything and everything if one believes and has the courage to make things happen.

After arriving in Michigan, Masiela first gained attention by modeling. She was discovered among 600 aspiring actors by a Los Angeles based talent agent, and shortly there after was one of three invited to Hollywood at the age of thirteen. She loves honing her craft in front of the camera and exploring different characters, and continues to actively pave her path to success as an actress and author.

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Masiela Lusha Poems

Call Us Women

All you men...
What lies in your fists?

In your eyes,... more »

A Man Of Forty

A man of forty. Forty years the child.
His eyes don't see me but his mother.
His past. And like a child he wanders
Clean through the tunnels of his time.... more »

Full Moon- A Siren's Song

They blame you for the celebrated madness-
For the tearing open of beasts' throats,
Releasing demons into the twilight waves of lull.... more »

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Michael Shepherd 11 Jul 2006 06:22
Masiela, welcome to Poemhunter, this wonderful mixture of 'poetry' of every conceivable sort! If these poems were indeed written when you were twelve, then they and you are truly remarkable. I'm guessing that they were primarily 'thought' in eloquent Albanian, and then translated by yourself or another. They have an attractive poetic 'address', and a natural drama that freshens poetry.So there are nice 'surprises' of the unexpected word in English - and also several awkwardnesses of phrasing, 'dictionary English'. I think you might consider revising them (certainly not scrapping) later on when you have time. I'm guessing that you were well taught in grammar and expression, and that you have read Rilke with admiration, and perhaps Pablo Neruda. At the moment, I admire Roma I for its Rilke-like conspectus, and Gravestones for its straightforwardness and wise ending. And A Man of Forty is a touching empathy. I hope we shall hear more from you. And would you like to correct the too many errors of transcription? And perhaps date your poems, so that we can appreciate what we hope will be a continuing development?