• A Man Of Forty

    A man of forty. Forty years the child.
    His eyes don't see me but his mother.
    His past. And like a child he wanders
    Clean through the tunnels of his time.... more »

  • A Translation Of Mother Theresa's Poem, 'Life'

    A Translation of Mother Theresa’s 'Jeta'

    Life... more »

  • Call Us Women

    All you men...
    What lies in your fists?

    In your eyes,... more »

  • Celestial Rumors

    Last night the stars
    Rumored of his defeat.
    They lined a perfect
    Smile across the navy... more »

  • Chameleon

    Patterns of agreement,
    Gold. Amber. Ivory. Ink.
    Performance. Accommodating.
    The darkest truth in umber,... more »

  • Christmas In Schönbrunn

    This yellow palace in the snow.
    This is the Schönbrunn I have known.
    This pretty sheet of fairness frost
    This yellow wrapped in angel cost.... more »

  • Drinking The Moon

    I have planned and dreamt of this trophy of gold,
    The halo of silver, around in which it molds.
    I have cradles this idea and nursed it to true plan,
    I have fed it seeds of confidence, O this is so grand!... more »

  • Early Spring

    When the waving heavens are soft
    Cool inside the birth of green—
    And the snowdrops filter
    Through the blades and leaves... more »

  • Eternity

    A carved stone can reign like a mountain,
    Only to be meat in natures jaw.
    But no wind or snow can tumble
    Into the steel minds of humanity and memory-... more »

  • Fire

    Near. So near that you can kiss me.
    I can see the gods dancing
    Inside your belly,
    And they break away star by star... more »

  • Fruits Of Tribute

    When mores bind this flesh and spirit
    Into one man of mortal pride and truth,
    When two drops of tranquil waters
    Fill his sight's hollows with tranquil views.... more »

  • Full Moon- A Siren's Song

    They blame you for the celebrated madness-
    For the tearing open of beasts' throats,
    Releasing demons into the twilight waves of lull.... more »

  • Gravestones

    On Christmas morning we visit the marked stones,
    The grass, the pots of fresh Paradise Birds,
    Magnolias, Christmas trees,
    And we visit the names.... more »

  • Hardest To Forgive

    My heart wants a metaphor
    Loud and wide
    And limitless
    A long river of confidence... more »

  • Hummingbird

    In my open stage of dream,
    I sleep for this puff of spring
    Which strokes my hair and skin
    With a kiss of air... more »

  • I Cannot Love You Honestly

    I wish to bend your smiles so as better
    To ease my truth.
    I had lost the form of loving
    When you last battled my love with yours.... more »

  • I Dig For Nothing

    I dig for nothing tonight.
    No stars. I cannot find
    The constant moon.
    I could write about the moon... more »

  • I Do Not Try

    I do not try to trap you inside me,
    To measure your tears and pluck
    The value of your love out of our time.
    This burning thread that weaves my skin... more »

  • Little Dreamer (For Lil' Gracie)

    Little dreamer of butterfly-people and whispering dolls!
    Soft darling ballerina, you are still remembered.
    How fortunate I was to tour the happy halls of scented air
    With your small pink hand firm in mind. To have your sense... more »

  • Maple Lives

    This yellow sweet anthem of spring is nearing
    Sung and played by the Green Mistress's steering
    Of mated birds and collected hives
    This busy song, her ode to maple lives.... more »

  • Medusa's Head

    Away with her head
    Her eyes that cast your faults to stone... more »

  • Medusa's Pride

    Do not seek her soul—
    For care of your own sanity
    Do not tempt her truth.
    Because she gives it freely. Always... more »

  • Mother Theresa's 'Poezia'

    Release me, oh God,
    From the desire to be adored,
    From the desire to be exalted,
    From the desire to be honored,... more »

  • Muse

    'To be absorbed in one’s thoughts; engage in meditation'~Websters

    In other words: to exist.
    Sincerely.... more »

  • My Mind Aches

    I think I’m finished.
    My mind aches
    With Ovid and Plath
    How interchangeable... more »