• Reich

    You're the kind of man that would endorse disorder
    Reversing and worsening, your inversion yearning

    Ply as you like, you can spike it, you can strike it as you might... more »

  • Revolution Wreck

    Strings of Svoboda
    Hands on Ukraine
    Tied coalition
    By United states... more »

  • Royal Versailles

    The royal courts were just another weapon
    Let me live for just one more second
    I see Marie, she's holding flowers
    A bouquet with thorns and red from the bleeding... more »

  • Salloon's Ten Yuan Pure Opium Brew

    Abuse of trade in Far East soil
    Drugging a nation they could not foil
    Sassoon couldn’t use up his quota of serving
    Used to look in on the smoking dens at light... more »

  • Sanctity Strip

    They lay there ahead us our possible paths
    some star-eyed and lazy some frightened and lost
    a warning to anyone still in command
    of their possible future to lay bare... more »

  • Seed Of Enoch

    There they walk, sons of Enoch
    Parchments bound, not a mock
    In the books which we can see
    The Watchers, Parables and Astronomy... more »

  • Set The Discord For The Gates Of Dawn

    Set the Discord for the Gates of Dawn
    Little by little the moon turns around
    Counting the tides which tremble at dawn
    busying glean on each human in union... more »

  • Single File Line

    Take your share in the circle
    Your friends in line will not be fighting
    those behind the scene who control the circle
    Sound the alarm- there's an out-of-line sighting... more »

  • Six Arms On Queens Road

    Southgate to Oak shire- there's garden gnomes and heralds
    The Six Arms flexing true through the miles
    Lagers and Stouts quenching blokes on the road
    Riding by rental room-to-lets... more »

  • Skull Of A Jew

    Below the home of that Solomon czar
    I hear the rabbi’s whispers from afar
    What was that? What did you say? Does what really matter anyway?
    Dark eyes staring at the wailing wall... more »

  • Slips The Skin

    Back home to unceasing jealousy
    From the harbor and the anchored Legacy
    Was there a contradiction in the tone of my voice?
    Well, enough with this- I'm heading out with the boys... more »

  • Soviet Spartan

    Uprooting Afghan feudalism
    No opposition to the reforms
    Northern provinces had outbreaks of violence
    Rebellion became their nationality... more »

  • Staked On Eternity

    Some of these matters
    Don't compare
    To the eternal promise
    Watch your back... more »

  • Stone Margarite's Crony

    Blown the targets standing on top of the scotch
    Ticket holders branching every way of availability
    Deafened moments beamed in an upward appology
    Yeah, I'd lie to you but as if you would even smile... more »

  • Stratumfixiation

    In the eyes we’re all tranquilized
    Our roles have been downsized- all along
    The broadcast of lies that goes on and on
    It’s the televised lifetime marathon... more »

  • Style You

    Style you, that wonder of a star
    That essence of light, magic and beauty
    The true heart of perfection in your eyes
    Style you... more »

  • Sundogs

    The Boreal forest
    The grass roots and green shoots
    The tundra beneath a permafrost mass
    Placate the sundogs, you're the one... more »

  • Suspended (Original Version)

    Trap pit, trap pit
    Hung, limp, splint, trapped
    My leg has grown numb in this desolate pit
    Beasts linger and snarl up above... more »

  • Suspended (Addendum)

    Hung, limp, splint, trapped
    My leg has grown numb in this desolate pit
    Fierce animals linger and snarl up above
    Waiting to pounce on my flesh bit-by-bit... more »

  • Suspended (Reprise)

    Hear the stains of these prominent merits
    The north's forced to feed on a few meager rations
    The numbness grows, the circulation slows
    From these multilateral imposing sanctions... more »

  • Symmetry Tide, Domestic

    Can't you feel it can't you see it
    The decline of prosperity
    In our faces but mostly unseen
    Afflicting us like a disease... more »

  • Symphony Song

    Double pipe, Bagpipes, three-string aborigine

    Shaman lute, bone flute tonality
    Ancient Gymel, hymnal Seikilos Epitaph
    Polyphony, drone note phonograph ... more »

  • Talisman

    Sincere Slurs - Magnetic Furs
    A daydream corporation has its practical place
    That time is gone, there's no tomorrow
    Collapsing flaws has won the race... more »

  • Ten - Ex

    In the day of ivory trade
    The hour in fortune from selling loads were made
    Saarvorden hopps mending makeshift crops
    Worthless dropped broken stolen tusk buyers played... more »

  • Tenochtitlan

    Heads of slaves abounce
    Did not renounce or budge an ounce
    For the king who is seething
    Heads keep rolling down, priest’s bloody gown... more »