• A Lost Spaceship

    A spaceship –
    Forgetful and reckless –in nature and form –

    Missing all the trodden and untrodden paths of the sky,... more »

  • A Tale Of A Lone Grave

    A lone grave burning in the scorching mid-day sun.
    “22 Paush 1382” the epitaph reads.
    Some monk builds an monastery deep into the earth
    With radiant blood and sharp intellect.... more »

  • Magic

    Like when a piece of iron falls in love with a piece of wood
    Causing the iron to float on water,
    Or like when the magic of love casts a spell
    Making stone float on liquid,... more »

  • Mankind

    Where do I hold this image?
    When for the first time in that acrid mid-day
    A listless burglar sat
    With a half-rotten apple in hand... more »

  • My Mother

    In the dusty afternoon,
    Far away, near the horizon,
    There, under the open sky is lain
    My mother.... more »

  • Rain-1

    It’s raining abroad now, in countries close by or far away.
    Occasionally a cold wind from some other land blows this way... more »

  • Rain-2

    Its raining
    Over distant lands
    Over Brahma’s world,
    Over Rangpur and Bogra’s vast expanse... more »