• Beauty In Measured Doses

    May God bless me with the spirit of generosity,
    I hear Him in the waves of the ocean and in the laughs of children playing,
    Why must we talk of problems when all that matters are solutions,
    I smile boldly and everything appears more beautiful.... more »

  • Bottom Of The Barrel

    Being bottom of the barrel can styfle
    its hard to see the sun
    you are piled under everyones crap
    pressure starts to get to you and crushes you... more »

  • Coffee Shop

    ... more »

  • Darkness And Light

    Maybe it's the wine, maybe it's the dessert
    Maybe it's nothing. Can you taste the hurt?
    There is so much beauty, thrown upon the table
    Every soul is naked, a dark shadow cast upon us... more »

  • Deseo De Mi Corazon

    Forgotten eyes, rolling thighs
    My thoughts seem to wander,
    Yet they always return to you.
    In everything I believe, you are a part of me... more »

  • Diggin' In The Garden Of My Mind

    I fear i am right
    through the calm of night
    the dusk turn to dawn
    arise in the morn... more »

  • Hunger

    I hunger for you
    ripe and seductive
    the sweet taste of your lips
    your salty sweat... more »

  • My Tobacconist And I

    A long standing relationship abruptly ended
    My tobacconist and I had a falling out
    My life no more shall be controlled by the evil weed
    The many I had smoked had risen to the heavens... more »

  • Outro

    As if nobody knew, that the skies ran blue
    falsehood changes truth, like sugar rots a tooth
    complacency kills our will, defiance begins our thrill
    the shrill of the kill makes us splash on the bill... more »

  • Sleepy Eyes

    so low, so heavy
    my mind is running rampant with thought... more »

  • Untitled

    Darkness follows me
    Instep of a shoe
    Worried about carpet fibres
    Rise of the tide so revealing... more »

  • You Are What You Eat

    ... more »

  • Younoos Peerbocus

    Your words seem to dance melodically across the screen
    Like an angel with a harp your poems caress my ears
    My mind inexplicably follows each of the letters
    Each one dances on the warm summer breeze... more »