• Cry Baby Cry

    Cry baby cry
    For the problems of the heart,
    Life kicks us in the ass
    Right from the very start,... more »

  • Darkness Gives Into Light

    The hurt that is caused
    Is more profound than I can explain,
    The need is too great
    To go against the grain,... more »

  • Decant Me An Elixir

    Decant me an elixir
    Distilled from aching heartstrings.
    At least ten years matured
    In a barrel made from dreams.... more »

  • Denouement (Less Like A Place, More A Mindset)

    Chase the black sunrise
    In search of your alibi,
    While this is not goodbye
    It sure as hell, ain't hello.... more »

  • Ego Sum Mei

    Cocoon me,
    It’s the safest way to bleed,
    Fresh but far away from view,
    To admit a beating heart... more »

  • Eulogy

    You told me your heart is in a cage.
    Would that I could I would rip it from that iron vault
    And impassion it with rage.
    And then my heart, which turns in its bony grave,... more »

  • Existence Antithesis

    Wind rattles the play-play trees,
    Who’s leaves fall in twos and threes,
    Lights resist what we call night,
    Pretending the darkness is alright,... more »

  • False Belonging

    I have felt so deep before,
    With heavy clouded visions,
    That all my pain no longer
    Can endure, the thought of you.... more »

  • Familiar Ground (I Need To Do This By Myself)

    Trust all your innocence
    To things I can’t stand to hear.
    Mark what’s inside of us
    By all that you’ve ever feared.... more »

  • Fighting Mere Existence

    A primrose sun hides the greedy streets,
    An ugly path trod by many feet,
    Where bootless prayers seek the days gone by,
    Too young to live, too old to die.... more »

  • Flesh Death

    When the desert ends,
    And the people die,
    When the forest starts,
    And our bodies lie,... more »

  • Footsteps Beside Mine

    I find myself in a funny little place,
    A spot that’s worth consideration...
    ...Yet not too much investigation.
    A consciousness that I find quite pleasant,... more »

  • For A Love Never Realised

    Why must I love where love can not prosper?
    Why must I hope where hope can not grow?
    What is the reason for all of these feelings
    Giving rise to the things that no one can know?... more »

  • For Mathew When I Might Find Him

    Like a book badly written,
    A poem badly read,
    The things I'll never publish
    Are the things I wish I said.... more »

  • For The First Time

    For the first time
    The sky is blue,
    For the first time
    I'm over you,... more »

  • Forget Me Not

    Have you ever seen a sunset
    That sets the horizon ablaze?
    Have you experienced a night so secure in sullenness
    That it won’t let feeling out?... more »

  • Full Of Dark Intentions (Sonnet #3)

    Full of dark intentions
    Too chicken to fullfill them,
    Full of stark inventions
    But all of them a problem.... more »

  • Glass In Her Eyes

    I saw a mother breastfeeding,
    She had love in her body
    But glass in her eyes.
    As if this food giving ritual... more »

  • Haunt Me

    Haunt me,
    Exploded thoughts that cripple into nothing,
    Taunt me,
    Thought touched but heaven faded,... more »

  • Heavy

    Heavier than hardwood,
    Heavier than gold,
    I’ve got a soul that’s sold for silver
    And a heart carved out in stone,... more »

  • I Float Like An Ethereal Being Through Time And Space (Silence Can Be A Sound Too)

    Every time I take a step forward
    I seem to take two steps back,
    And I’m tired of being old news,
    After all this I’ve learnt... more »

  • I Have A Confession To Make

    I have a confession to make:
    I haven't been sober in seventeen days,
    It’s not a thing that I can explain,
    It’s just a thing that eliminates pain.... more »

  • I Have No Home

    In a bunker,
    In a desert,
    In a wasteland,
    In the nowhere.... more »

  • I Missed You

    I missed you a lot tonight
    For some silly reason.
    You sat right across from me,
    But our eyes never caught,... more »

  • I'M

    I'm the ashtray for the great cigarette of life,
    I'm the toilet for the tons of shit you produce,
    I'm the dustbin, come, throw your trash at me,
    I'm the brown paper bag, spill your guts into me,... more »