• In More Than A Line

    Bunny tail, Hop spring,
    Let the life dial, but don't ring,
    Cry the night fire,
    Daylight fain spring,... more »

  • In Sincerity

    So here I sit on a cold winters night,
    With pen and page,
    And no idea of what to write.
    How do you say ‘I love you’... more »

  • In So Far As I Have None

    In so far as I have none,
    I have more than what you think,
    Do not chide me for speaking
    Much less harsh my intent.... more »

  • Just Visiting

    It’s vacation time from varsity,
    So I’m visiting my mother in Joburg.
    Strange to use the word ‘visiting’,
    I used to live here once... more »

  • Less Than Perfect

    You said we can fix this,
    I'm not so sure,
    You said we can work,
    I'm not so sure,... more »

  • Let Us Fight

    Find a beach with a distant memory
    Embroiled within the sand,
    Find all the little pieces,
    Fit them together, and... more »

  • Life Is Like A Cigarette

    Life is like a cigarette,
    Smoke it to the end,
    That is all I have to say
    To you my friend.... more »

  • Love's Greatest Tragedy And Its Truth

    You and I are victims of love’s greatest tragedy
    And its greatest truth:
    That life moved on without us,
    And time forgot us in our youth.... more »

  • Narcissistic Artistic

    After a while it’s just narcissistic!
    Isn’t it?
    All this time spent
    Hoping to receive a few lines... more »

  • Never Being Blinded

    Sunlight behind a curtain reveals more than you think.
    It softens harsh window frames
    And creates a glow of fabrics,
    The colours in the cotton become realized,... more »

  • No Mans Land

    We are the middle years,
    Too young to have an opinion,
    Too old to play our games,
    We are the middle years,... more »

  • No Time For Tea

    I’m tired.
    So very very tired.
    There is no room for slumber in restless thoughts.
    I am desperate for rest.... more »

  • Of The New, The Old, And All That's In Between

    Outside something moves,
    A ripple of energy spreads out.
    Something begins...
    ...Or rather...... more »

  • On A Cusp

    Amongst the kind of truth
    That is always inside lies,
    Beyond the sunken sense of self
    Past the thing that words describe... more »

  • On Picking Up The Pen (Once Again)

    ...Where to begin?
    Or perhaps, more appropriately...
    ...Where to pick up this thread?... more »

  • Power

    There is a sad complacency
    Of brilliant minds,
    Locked away in their dingy rooms,
    They tell themselves... more »

  • Private Transport

    Once again...
    Stuck in Absurdity.
    Where’s the end of the line?... more »

  • Rain

    It rained today.
    An insidious obsequious kind of rain.
    A cold needle pricking rain that inserts itself
    Into the very tendrils of your existence.... more »

  • Rationality

    What is pain?
    An ill constructed metamorphosis
    Of rationality gone sour?
    Good for nothing other than... more »

  • Requiem For The Masses

    An old man watches from an allyway
    As a hooker walks by.
    She wishes it didn't have to be this way
    But nobody else tries.... more »

  • Scar

    Like a flashing light I falter,
    Just short of what I want to say,
    Things are easier when I’m not myself,
    When my words do not have a price to pay... more »

  • Secrets

    As we sit in this supposed silence
    Sipping on secrets that are never said,
    I wake, flutter eyelids, flex muscles,
    And silently lift my head,... more »

  • Self Destruction

    In a world that refuses to care,
    Why should I care more?
    In a world that refuses to hear,
    Why should I hear more?... more »

  • South Africa

    My country has bled so much before,
    It coursed through every valley, every hill,
    And pain was the word carried in wrath,
    For my country held against its will.... more »

  • Stand Up For Death

    Entwined in lover's deathly snare,
    Broken by friendship's fickle stare,
    Drained by kindred's ugly tears,
    Starved by my own hungry fears,... more »