• Alone

    Alone in your room
    Blood on your mind
    Lost in your heart
    A piece you will never find... more »

  • Angels In Pain

    pain in the eyes of angels
    crimson tears run down their arms... more »

  • Crimson Tears

    I just want to end it all
    I can't take it anymore... more »

  • Crimson Tears Part 2

    soul sits in darkness
    blade against the skin
    no one understands
    that i'm dead deep within... more »

  • Demon Inside

    He will die tonight
    He's going to hell... more »

  • Fallen Angels

    All we are is our broken past
    Threw everything we weren’t supposed to last
    Our hearts like broken glass
    Proof that our souls died very fast... more »

  • Night Of Rebels

    Tonight we terrorize the sun
    We scream and let the blood run
    We pity the saints and sinners
    We are the truth in between... more »

  • Silence

    The silence
    The darkness... more »