• A Strolling Man's Journal

    A strolling man
    decides to sit,
    checks his time,
    rests his hip.... more »

  • A War

    A child is born, takes a breath,
    a heart beats a rhythm,
    behold, creation.... more »

  • Brick Layer

    Menacing thoughts invade this good
    I thought I was cured.
    Guess I missed the double blink,
    of deceptions, 'sure'... more »

  • Fear

    A rising man
    gives his legs,
    to me.... more »

  • Fearing Ordinary

    In times of abstract givings,
    I worry I'll end up staring
    at all that shines upon the lines
    of sanities limitations.... more »

  • Live With Agreements

    Today, the hours will watch
    the minutes play tic,
    and the seconds play toc.... more »

  • Our Figure

    Bring us here
    to listen,
    leave us here
    to reason.... more »

  • The Hospital

    Hours of anxious, I tend to tire,
    face pending expression,
    relief, the coward.... more »

  • We, The Endower

    We stand on the soil
    of moral growth,
    we bleed to sprout,
    and heal to know.... more »

  • Words Of Time

    Substance of existence,
    a breath defined,
    birth of wisdom,
    words of time.... more »