• A Bug Named Jitters

    Once upon a rug,
    Crawled an antsy bug.

    This critter was in a dither.... more »

  • Cre8

    The hour is late,
    Time will not wait -
    Will this be my fate?... more »

  • F.O.C.U.S.

    Under this stress,
    Test and mess,
    I'll buckle unless
    I answer this:... more »

  • Go, Al!

    Well hello there,
    My name is Al.
    It's short for -oh who cares?
    Let me just get this out.... more »

  • Higher

    Imagine rising in synch with the sun,
    Heading out the door for my morning run -

    Drinking a smoothie for energy and health,... more »

  • Is Allen An Alien?

    Past lines of desks,
    In back of class,
    We join a chat
    Already in progress...... more »

  • Jack And The Box

    Ladies and gents,
    You don't know Jack.
    Hence I wax poetic
    To remedy that.... more »

  • Jungle In The Gym

    I am Timothy, Timmy, Tim.
    My dad is James, Jimmy, Jim.
    My mom is Kimberly, Kimmy, Kim.... more »

  • Master Peace

    Scatter beasts,
    Mental beasts

    He speaks,... more »

  • Miracle Minute

    The countdown begins...

    1: 00
    The blessing of birth,... more »

  • Prayer Zzz

    As upon this pillow I lay my head,
    I ask You to place angels by my bed;
    I call to mind the words You said
    And all that Jesus did in my stead -... more »

  • Puddy Mccuddy The Fuddy Duddy

    So here's a quick study
    On a guy that's kinda nutty;
    His name? Puddy McCuddy,
    And he's a real fuddy duddy.... more »

  • S.T.R.O.Ng.

    Here I am,
    Marooned on this land.
    My feet sink down into shifting sand.
    At times it feels more like quicksand.... more »

  • The Presence Prayer

    Heavenly Father, I focus my thoughts on You.
    In the palm of Your hand, how can I lose?

    Your grace is sufficient for every need.... more »

  • The Prosperity Prayer

    Heavenly Father,
    I approach Your throne -
    Knowing full well
    The treasures You own.... more »

  • The Scrambled Anna Graham

    I am Anna Graham,
    Anna Graham I am -
    With letters and words
    I like to play around.... more »

  • The Try Angle

    How can I
    Hope to fly
    If I'm shy
    'Bout The Try?... more »

  • Think On These Things

    The graceful dance of butterfly wings,
    The budding romance attending Spring -

    The morning melody of birds who sing,... more »

  • What's The Difference?

    The legato of language and lingo,
    The dance of diction and dialect -
    Have you ever considered the difference
    A little letter or two can effect?... more »