Matthias Frei better known as Matt Frei (born 26 November 1963) is a German-born British television news journalist and writer, formerly the Washington, D.C. correspondent for Channel 4 News, and now a presenter.

Frei was born in 1963 in Essen, West Germany. His parents were refugees who left Silesia before it became part of Poland and settled in West Germany. In 1973 he left Germany with his family and moved to the United Kingdom, when his father became a London correspondent for German radio.

He was educated at Westminster School, then read History and Spanish at St Peter's College, University of Oxford, before graduating in 1986.

Frei is married and has four children.


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It's like the Beatles coming together again—let's hope they don't go on a world tour.
Matt Frei, British journalist. Quoted in Listener (London, June 21, 1990). On German reunification.

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