• A Man Who Fires A Gun

    A man who fires a gun is cursed
    With some unflat'ring title. Worse,
    He faces prosecution thus
    And other such unholy fuss.... more »

  • A Statistic's Last Words

    My calling came upon the hour of noon.
    For when, they said, my time will finish soon.
    And as I lay upon the camping bed,
    I knew that very soon I would be dead.... more »

  • Clanging Silver

    All I own is hurting me
    Unknown, unshown, inscribed in me
    A picture perfect phantasy
    A veil to hide iniquity... more »

  • Cockroach Pete

    There's a branch way up high in the great forest's leaves
    There's a fungus that grows there, delicious and green
    And all the ground bugs are in great ecstasy
    For today it will fall, said an old prophecy... more »

  • Dear Consoling Friend

    The elective mute stands on a balcony, makes sense of the disguise
    Since he stopped talking he got real good with his eyes
    To the world outside and to his lover's surprise
    'I'm so glad that I'm still alive' he lies... more »

  • Goodbye, City Of Blinding Lights

    Goodbye, City of Blinding Lights
    You never were my friend
    I was born to you, my sweetheart but
    You'll never see my end... more »

  • Her Unreal Home

    She found herself awake, abreast
    Of street, some new-found God had blessed
    Her with some new-found spirit: Anger.
    Her phone vibrates, her 'mother' rang her.... more »

  • How To Quash A Rebellion

    Oh crap, I think the populace
    Have gone and got some impetus
    Let's dumb them down with more TV
    They love that television screen... more »

  • London's Burning

    His eyes reflect the golden fire, his pupils burning bright
    As he turns away they feel a sudden, crying urge to fight
    Big Old Ben has run away, they always thought it might
    London's Burning... more »

  • Look To The Bricks

    Resting spread-eagled on a plate of spinning happiness
    Caught in tangled webs of song and voice
    But shunned deep into a warehouse of remorseless stupidity
    Devoid of life. Created simply to be a brick in the church... more »

  • Mismatched Standards

    Hello, my dear Charmaine
    This candle that I hold in the
    Darkness of your serenity
    Cannot be waxed or waned... more »

  • My House Of Human Skin

    Look at me now, no uncouth wife
    No mocking kids, no drab sex life
    It all seems so immaterial in
    My House of Human Skin... more »

  • No Strength Left

    The electricity in the lamp light is too much for me
    I don't pretend to preach any kind of philosophy
    The jesus jackanories can only sit and speak
    As an angel on the double carriageway falls asleep... more »

  • Shopping Bags

    I hate these shopping bags
    They weigh my body down
    They keep me on the beaten track
    They break every bone in my back... more »

  • Skyman

    A Skyman floats from crackling sunlit sky
    With full intention to himself deny
    He takes a pull upon his parachute
    And as it's failing, falls to fear's fruit... more »

  • The Flaw Within Us All

    What if the police were yet dissolved,
    By some old conflict unresolved?
    Would mankind lay to rest their arms?
    Or would they lay to rest their qualms?... more »

  • The Way To Peace

    Forget about your country's history
    To hell with all the zionistic imagery
    The grudges that you hold don't matter really
    I don't care about your religious integrity... more »