• The Song Of Empedocles

    And you, ye stars,
    Who slowly begin to marshal,
    As of old, in the fields of heaven,
    Your distant, melancholy lines!... more »

  • The Strayed Reveller

    The Youth

    Faster, faster,
    O Circe, Goddess,... more »

  • The Voice

    As the kindling glances,
    Queen-like and clear,
    Which the bright moon lances
    From her tranquil sphere... more »

  • Thyrsis A Monody

    How changed is here each spot man makes or fills!
    In the two Hinkseys nothing keeps the same;
    The village street its haunted mansion lacks,
    And from the sign is gone Sibylla's name,... more »

  • To A Friend

    Who prop, thou ask'st in these bad days, my mind?--
    He much, the old man, who, clearest-souled of men,
    Saw The Wide Prospect, and the Asian Fen,
    And Tmolus hill, and Smyrna bay, though blind.... more »

  • To A Republican Friend

    God knows it, I am with you. If to prize
    Those virtues, priz'd and practis'd by too few,
    But priz'd, but lov'd, but eminent in you,
    Man's fundamental life: if to despise... more »

  • To Marguerite: Continued

    Yes! in the sea of life enisled,
    With echoing straits between us thrown,
    Dotting the shoreless watery wild,
    We mortal millions live alone.... more »

  • Too Late

    Each on his own strict line we move,
    And some find death ere they find love;... more »

  • Tristram And Iseult

    Tristram. Is she not come? The messenger was sure—
    Prop me upon the pillows once again—... more »

  • West London

    Crouch'd on the pavement close by Belgrave Square
    A tramp I saw, ill, moody, and tongue-tied;
    A babe was in her arms, and at her side
    A girl; their clothes were rags, their feet were bare.... more »

  • Worldly Place

    Even in a palace, life may be led well!
    So spake the imperial sage, purest of men,
    Marcus Aurelius. But the stifling den
    Of common life, where, crowded up pell-mell,... more »

  • Youth And Calm

    'Tis death! and peace, indeed, is here,
    And ease from shame, and rest from fear.
    There's nothing can dismarble now
    The smoothness of that limpid brow.... more »

  • Youth's Agitations

    When I shall be divorced, some ten years hence,
    From this poor present self which I am now;
    When youth has done its tedious vain expense... more »