• “we Got A Runner! ”

    When the hammer strikes the head of the chisel
    I imagine the muffled shot ringing out down the

    cellblock. I picture myself squatting, waiting, listening... more »

  • A Bad Workman

    This evening, surrounded by the darkness of the empty house,
    the black nib of my pen points expectantly
    at an empty space on the page.
    A menacing spearhead of ink and insistency.... more »

  • A Tribute To Richard Madeley

    This Morning’s general and captain
    A consummate pro, smooth as satin
    He just knew it all
    From gynaecology to balls... more »

  • At The Third Stroke…

    Today I am wearing a new watch.
    And to quote the song – I am feeling good!

    Others get their kicks from new shoes... more »

  • Bat

    The air was cooler tonight.
    A sign of autumn approaching.
    It felt like she was a girl on a bus,
    just a few stops from here,... more »

  • Billy Collins

    My pen has hovered over the page like a metal detector
    so many times because of you.

    All our walks through your woods, around your lake.... more »

  • Clearing The Garden

    This is the season of lawns and leaves
    The gravitational pull of early autumn

    So here we are, just me and this skeleton rake... more »

  • Clovis

    Recent archaeological finds suggest Stone Age men from
    Europe somehow crossed the Atlantic and discovered
    America in 14000BC.... more »

  • Composition

    Perhaps later this evening
    I will go down to the water's edge
    and step down into the slatted curve
    of a small wooden boat.... more »

  • Conscious Of Time

    Even in the lingering light of this early spring evening
    the phrase seems to be everywhere.
    It is ticking around the feeder with the clockwork sparrows,... more »

  • Dead Arm

    The uninvited guests and intruders
    that call in the night and rudely pluck us
    from the body of sleep are legion.... more »

  • Dust And Bullets

    Bite the dust
    Bite the bullet
    Bullet through the windscreen
    Bullet to the brain... more »

  • Early Bird.

    I love that small silver thimble full of time
    before the start of the day.
    A little quiet time to get the job done
    before all the work starts getting in the way.... more »

  • Fridayville

    No matter where you are
    such a place always seems too far away.
    A small black dot on the far edge of the map... more »

  • Geography Lesson Circa 1991

    Like penguins on an ice floe we would stand
    in line then swallow it down like sharp sand.
    There was something about irrigation,
    farming, but mostly the irritation... more »

  • He's The Town Crier.

    Battleship crowds cruised overhead today
    but were later sunk by a desert of
    solid blue, pierced only by a
    white jet plane that cut a chalky margin... more »

  • Hibernaculum

    I do not remember where I came across it.
    The word just tripped me like a discarded slipper,
    lying on a bedroom carpet in the darkness of 3am.... more »

  • Ice Breaker

    The simple garden at the back of the house
    with it’s playhouse standing in the corner
    and the empty bird feeder swinging from the fence
    faces dead north.... more »

  • If The Wind Changes...

    You can shuffle around on your knees all you like,
    your legs are not going to fall off.
    The worse that will happen is that you will wear a whole
    in your jeans or your gran’s new carpet.... more »

  • Inset (In-Service Training)

    Let me begin by saying that yes, we will be
    finishing early. I am also conscious of time and I

    know how busy you all are, I haven’t forgotten what... more »

  • Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children

    She sat on my knee. The shiny red bag slung
    over a shoulder means you’re shopping for the day,
    sunglasses riding high like a boat on the waterfall’s edge.... more »

  • Now Put Down Your Pens And Pencils

    Towards the centre of the page, I drew a small “V”.
    Just two rapid pencil flicks.
    A “V” with slightly curving arms.... more »

  • Off Piste

    Our RE teacher never somehow looked
    exactly the way he was supposed to.
    Bushy Mexican bandit black moustache.
    His winter school ski trips to Austria... more »

  • Origin

    These carefully arranged letters were not spewed
    from a bland machine of beige.
    Nor stamped by the spindly hammers
    of a much cherished typewriter.... more »

  • Patriarch

    Today I was in the kitchen
    sitting at the table
    watching the steam rise
    from the boiling pan of potatoes... more »