Matthew Mashburn Poems

She Is Gold

Love happens in a blink
It might just take a wink

For me it took her smile... more »


Seaching my mind
To see what I can find

So many things I see... more »

I Long To Hold

I long to hold
My Lauren Gold

She could be safe in my arms... more »

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Comments about Matthew Mashburn

Lauren Gold 03 Nov 2004 01:35
These poems are all so incredible, you know I feel that way. You have such a talent for poetry, but more importantly, it is great that it helps you get out your thoughts. And these poems express so many different types of thoughts: love, memories, happiness, sadness, bitterness, everything. They are great. Keep writing! Lucky girl who you are writing for :) you
knot Available 02 Nov 2004 10:54
Watch what you may come back to haunt you...
knot Available 02 Nov 2004 10:49
You wanna talk send me a message cause I do not know how!