• Childhood Stories

    They learned to turn off the gravity in an auditorium
    and we all rose into the air,
    the same room where they demonstrated... more »

  • Credo

    I believe there is something else
    entirely going on but no single... more »

  • Epithalamium

    In the middle garden is the secret wedding,
    that hides always under the other one
    and under the shiny things of the other one. Under a tree... more »

  • Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

    I'm writing upside down with the space pen,
    listening to the rain.
    My wife is writing about the Black Death... more »

  • The Amaranth

    is an imaginary flower that never fades.
    The amaranth is blue with black petals,
    it's yellow with red petals,
    it's enormous and grows into the shape... more »

  • There Is Absolutely Nothing Lonelier

    There is absolutely nothing lonelier
    than the little Mars rover
    never shutting down, digging up... more »

  • Your Book

    Strangers came into the apartment
    walked right to the bookshelf
    to spill beer on your book.... more »