Hey there world...

My name's Matt and I've been writing for about eighteen months. I'm not the most technical of writers but I think writing poetry is a great release and I love reading other people's work too.

I'm currently writing my first novel but I thought I'd get back in to writing poetry again and prove to my friends that I'm not actually the laziest writer ever to pick up a pen. Something I'd argue with if I could be bothered...

Anyway, I'm 29yrs old and I live in Liverpool, England. Home to The Beatles until they got famous and left. I play a lot of football and I love the outdoors, cycling, reading and most of all, going to the pub :)

So if anyone fancies a natter then give me a shout and yeah, that's me really so thanks for taking the time to visit my page.



Matthew Romano Poems


That's when you me most,
when you say I was never there.
I held you when you stumbled,
wiped away your tears when you cried.... more »

A Reason To Kill

His eyes stare up at me,
yet I feel nothing.
No remorse, no fear,
no dizzying high, no soul tearing low.... more »

A Reason To Kill Pt.3 'Another Player In The Game'

I guess when you do something so many times,
no matter how terrible,
it becomes almost... normal.
Another darkened alleyway... more »

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