• Dust To Dust

    as we sit alone
    in final hours
    we think of things we wish to say
    to friends and family and rivals... more »

  • Faces

    as the faces stare at me
    their dead eyes plead with me
    to help them
    to free them... more »

  • Forgive Me

    forgive me for everything
    that old excuse
    won't wash it away
    again... more »

  • I Have Never Been One Of Them

    i have never been the same
    as anyting i should be
    i fit in no box
    and i have no label... more »

  • Mediator Of Eternity

    in life there are hurdles
    true deterination required to cross them
    but for to long
    the hurdles have been to strong... more »

  • Opinions And Other Animals

    Some people feel ill when they see the dead
    Some feel ill at the sight of meat
    I feel ill when I hear these words
    “I don’t care, it wont effect me”... more »

  • The Battle

    as we fight
    what do we find
    as we stare into the eyes of another man
    who we have just killed... more »

  • The End Of Most Things Is In The Making Of The Begining

    I have seen the light
    the bigger picture
    I have watched and I have wondered
    through the veil of unforgiving words... more »

  • The Service

    The service is one of honour,
    An honour of the lord
    Who sent thy lord down?
    Was it you or I?... more »

  • The Spear

    in love we find a piece of happiness
    as it grows are minds begin to go
    from room to room finding things to stop this emotion
    for we are human... more »

  • Verbal Suicide

    i have been chained to anchors
    i have been tortured in my mind
    i have been gaged and stopped from talking
    i have been forced to stop believing... more »