• A Poet And His Friends

    Do not fall in love with a poet
    For a poet's heart is not in his ribcage
    A poet's heart is in his cranium
    A poet will never tell you he loves you... more »

  • An Inerasable Pain

    On my face, however much I smile,
    The intrigues of pain will be printed.
    On my voice, even though jubilating
    The cry of lived sorrow will be heard.... more »

  • Goodbye Till We Meet Again

    Travel happily sister
    We call it promotion to glory
    With shaky voices we say goodbye sister
    And remember this is not the end of a love story... more »

  • I Am Not A Thief Of Love

    I met my Y's X last night,
    And I could tell he was ready for a fight,
    Judging from his protruding jaw-bones
    My Y's X is the type who thinks that... more »

  • My X And Her Y


    My X and her Y have threatened and promised
    To jointly squeeze my testicles out... more »

  • One So Grave A Piece

    I love not for gains nor to drain
    I lost not for profits but benefits
    I give not to take but to make
    For last is perfect the first is defect... more »

  • The Shattered Bundle Of Joy

    If it is an ocean it is not deeper
    Than what we felt for each other
    If it is a star it doesn't shine brighter
    Than what we saw in the eyes of each other... more »

  • The Soft As Stone

    A mistaken mystery messed up the ways into a maze
    As the council's march up to the yard parted ways
    And a number-hard fixed to scores- in circle betrays
    Prejudice camped on the dealing as left in a gaze... more »

  • There Is Justice In The Jungle

    In Maasai Mara live the lion and the gazelle
    And both have all the rights to life
    The lion has the right to kill and eat the gazelle
    So that he can continue to live... more »

  • What I Said Or Did

    If I could unsay what I said
    If I could undo what I did
    I swear I would
    For if what I said was hot enough... more »