• Blasphemy? ? ?

    Eidetic the best
    what's left is blasphemy
    Your startling finds
    all left behind;... more »

  • Broken For Your Pleasure

    Broken for your pleasure
    A feeling I cannot measure
    Has destroyed me
    caused me to be... more »

  • Dad

    I'll never be good enough...
    I'll never be your daughter

    After all these years... more »

  • Deathwish

    I'm on my hands and knees
    I'm ready to plead
    for your heart to die and bleed
    that's my disease... more »

  • I'M Not Okay

    I see her anger
    taken out on an innocent child
    she is hurt;
    by a selfish daughter... more »

  • Interstate 5

    Blackened dry mounds
    Curves away as it frowns
    Leaves with their auburn browns
    The trees with the sun drown... more »

  • It Used T O Be

    I used to be the one you'd run to all the time
    what happened to the love we both felt inside?
    It all came crashing down when you said goodbye
    and now you're no longer mine... more »

  • July

    It's been seven days
    that everything feels like a daze
    and today,
    I just can't take it... more »

  • Mom

    The feeling of regret when I see your eyes
    The constricting pain in my heart
    and all the sighs
    Your worst... more »

  • Only We Know

    You'll never know what its like
    To be thought of as less of a person
    for having a richer color... more »

  • Robbed From Childhood

    One day

    I just couldn't take it
    The days always felt the same... more »

  • Rotten Flower

    I'm still in love
    I'm not the blame

    I don't wanna think about your stupid name... more »

  • Sanity

    I saw the leaves turn and fall apart
    Just like my heart
    decayed with your part
    The autumn in my hair... more »

  • Tattered And Torn

    Tattered and torn
    My heart it grew horns
    Laughing I mourn
    in all different forms... more »

  • To You

    I am the darker version of you
    I make YOU beautiful

    I am the one you talk down... more »

  • Unmistakably

    Words are merely a dropp in the ocean
    To describe how you make me feel
    I become filled with such great emotion
    At times I don't know how to deal... more »

  • Untitled

    You look at me in disgust
    as if it is a must
    I actually thought you loved me
    because I felt it was just... more »