• Adoration

    Prisms of light spark in the soft sapphire of your eyes
    And I catch fire,
    The blush of a rose caresses the sweet velvet of your cheek,
    I melt with desire,... more »

  • Attention-Seeking

    Look at me, look at me, the little girl said,
    I can run and jump, stand on my head.
    Look at me, look at me, the pretty girl cried,
    I can sing and dance, play on the slide.... more »

  • Chrysalis

    here I lie
    in a sensory deprivation tank... more »

  • Climate Change

    At first were the balmy days,
    sunshine was your smile,
    we generated electrical storms.... more »

  • Dreamer

    In dreams I live my inner life
    No mere neural pathways, these,
    A world of the possible in one night,
    No handholds there for me to seize.... more »

  • Evocation

    Earth’s teardrops pearl my window,
    Sky smothers rooftops, grey on grey;
    The dull day draws sadness from the well of me, my core,
    Where race memory is embedded in strands of DNA... more »

  • Inside A Rainbow

    There is no colour inside a rainbow
    you have to step outside
    to witness nature’s sweeping brushstroke
    across an azure sky.... more »

  • Like A Sun

    Like a sun, you are emblazoned on my soul
    Like a moon, you banish my darkness
    Like planet earth you make my life feel whole
    Like the galaxies you fill my universe.... more »

  • Mindstorm

    The wind raging in my mind
    Carries words and feelings and thoughts
    They burst through my bones and skin
    Released in a tangle of knots.... more »

  • Miracle

    Be my miracle and bring me to the light,
    I have lived in melancholy far too long.

    Be my anchor and save me from the drifting tides... more »

  • My Passion

    You are a whirlwind inside my head
    I try to capture your essence, your spirit
    But you elude my slender grasp.
    I ride the storm rejoicing,... more »

  • Neglect

    Wilted peonies in a dusty vase
    Presage a warning to my faltering hand
    As I open the door.
    You are gone and the light has gone with you,... more »

  • On The Discovery Of The Higgs Boson

    We thought that the gods were giants,
    Mighty beings with universe sized minds,
    But today we learned the awful truth -
    A particle so small it cannot be seen... more »

  • Questions

    Are your ideas grand or grandiose?
    Do you have the figure to strike a pose?
    Slapstick or irony, which is your thing?
    What is your karaoke choice to sing?... more »

  • Stars

    We are made of stars,
    Origins of the infinite,
    Atoms combined in beauteous ways,
    Gods in our own creation.... more »

  • Time Traveller

    I am yesterday,
    A genetic map
    The living proof
    Of survival... more »

  • Triple Haiku 3

    Happy revellers
    By end of evening will be
    Regurgitated.... more »

  • Triple Haiku Again

    Dandelion clocks
    blowing in the summer winds
    a seedling rush hour... more »