Maurice Browne (February 12, 1881 – January 21, 1955), born in Reading, England, was best known as a theater producer in the United States and the UK. The Cambridge-educated Browne was also a poet, actor, and theater director. He has been credited, along with his then-wife Ellen Van Volkenburg, with being the founder of the Little Theatre Movement in America through his work with the Chicago Little Theatre. Browne and Van Volkenburg went on to found the department of drama at the Cornish School in Seattle in 1918, now Cornish College of the Arts. Browne's greatest triumph came in 1929 when he produced Journey's End, by R. C. Sherriff in London.


Maurice Browne Poems

At Dawn

No wild-foot Dryad haunts this leafless glade
With woodland lures, old weird lures chanted long;
No nightingale thrills dusk's embalméd shade
With all her incommunicable song,... more »

At Dusk

Be still, she sleeps. Yea, there is stillness here:
No voices come to rouse the dreamless dead,
No new grief gathers with the gathering year,
No woman's heart bleeds now where once it bled,... more »

Nara Nog

Rank growth of grass, and columns overthrown,
Black pools of rain, and icy storm-swept heights
Titanic fragments of hewn stone,... more »

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