Mawlana AbulMaani Mirza AbdulQadir Bedil Biography

Bedil presents his writings in a mysterious format, almost like riddles that one has to unlock. Each one of his verses needs interpretation along with the word by word translation from Dari/Farsi. His Hindi style presents the reader with the additional challenge of gaining insight into his wisdom. Bedil’s school of thought at the beginning had numerous followers in Afghanistan, India, Tajikistan, and Iran; however, after the 18th century his followers in Iran shrank to the point, that by around the turn of the 19th century, there was no mention of his work in that country. Contrary to this, Bedil was, and is, well respected in Afghanistan and his work is treasured by all circles of Afghan society, to the extent that there are Bedil gatherings where his admirers recite his work and discuss the meaning of his wisdom. People who understand and have interpreted Bedil’s work are well respected and admired in Afghan society; they are called Bedil Shinasan (Bedil experts) .