• A Pound Of Flesh

    A pound of flesh I fain bestow,
    Serrated blades caress my cheek.
    Allegiance shaky to a foe,
    Self inflicted scars are chic.... more »

  • Ablution From Above

    My sins I wear like soiled clothing,
    I stand beneath the rain, that I may be absolved.
    Cleansed I am, yet with arms widespread,
    I embrace transgression as an old friend.... more »

  • Advertising Angst

    I’d like to tip the band wagon of this irksome trend,
    The advent of the hackneyed scribbler urging us to spend,
    By using poetry to pander renders it terrene,
    Profusion of these awful adverts aggravates my spleen,... more »

  • Autodidactic Rant

    Restricted by conditioning,
    Conduced to simply speak,
    These platitudes of ill effect,
    Resounded through the week,... more »

  • Credit Crunching

    A demographic donkey-punch,
    Has choked us all, the Credit Crunch.
    Percent reduced by 33,
    Of Style of life and luxury.... more »

  • Embitterment Iis Adamantic

    Embitterment is adamantic,
    It binds us contrite to banality.
    Arduous is elevation,
    Embracing hate facile.... more »

  • He Was Immortal Pan

    Recalcitrant, rebellious,
    Confronting man and beast,
    At altercation with himself,
    With whom he liked the least,... more »

  • Ode To Ouija

    Five fingers joined, sating dark obsession,
    Five looking nervous, tempt their possession.
    Hands all touching, knees annexed,
    Call to Spirits, cruel and vexed.... more »

  • Oxhey Living

    Although I have necessities,
    Perceived by some as luxuries,
    To deem them indispensible,
    Would sell them very short,... more »

  • Plato's Cavern

    Shadows looming in the Cave,
    You're not real, but I'm your slave.
    Forced I am to stare at thee,
    Jailer Jailer set me free.... more »

  • Sharks Of Love

    Much is said in cultivation,
    Shallow words spent with seed.
    Empty vows between the sheets,
    Of course I love you baby.... more »

  • Sonnet Of Betrayal

    Lamenting infidelity,
    An enigmatic mot,
    A pearl of purest certainty,
    Not easily forgot,... more »

  • Sonnet Of Persona

    Rapt and raw we scream and moan,
    When dragged along the path,
    To atone, all alone,
    For cultivating wrath,... more »

  • The Fisher Queen

    I confess my life's a mess,
    Because I'm on your hook,
    The best alas I can expect,
    Is the slightest look.... more »

  • The Ghostly Quartet

    Within the Hotel, all were at rest,
    All except one, one lady guest.
    This lady asleep, swiftly awoken,
    By something unique, her slumber was broken.... more »

  • The Hunter's Horn

    For every trail that's ever trod,
    The hunter seeks the hunted.
    Betwixt the shrubs and Willow trees,
    A quarry is confronted.... more »

  • The Lamentation Of Doray

    And as Doray began to speak,
    A tear appeared upon his cheek,
    His emerald eyes could not contain,
    Those drops that fell like acid rain.... more »

  • The Trophy

    For me you were a Trophy,
    A feature on my list.
    A conquest I could brag about,
    Whenever I got pissed.... more »

  • These Wings

    Upon these wings I oft abscond,
    Ascension to a holy place,
    Extracted from this fetid pond,
    To capture God’s eternal grace,... more »

  • Thoughts That Thwart My Sleep

    Anon the leaves shall line the floor,
    A mottle of uncertainty.
    Nearer to winter it seems I am,
    Farewell to happy seasons.... more »

  • Touch Screen Pining

    Upon a touch screen I caress,
    Your photos kiss my fingers,
    At least I get to see you now,
    And emphasize your name,... more »

  • Unrequited Interest

    Psalms of love I am repeating,
    Soulless hearts that you frequent.
    Infatuation can be fleeting,
    Rarely borrowed, seldom leant.... more »

  • Yonder Mountain

    Alone he stood on Yonder Mountain,
    Grasping victory by the wrist.
    He gazed upon his fallen comrades,
    Watched their spirits turn to mist.... more »