• Alone At Sea

    Alone I lay on a wooden raft
    Alone I stay in the dark
    Alone I pray to survive
    Alone I may not survive... more »

  • Don’t Little Girl

    Don’t fall little girl
    Don’t let them see you cry
    Stand tall little girl
    Keep your head held high... more »

  • I Am Only 16

    A DJ, that’s what I would like
    l would be the new sensation
    Mixing, remixing, rerezz, Derezzed
    Co artist, Vs, premier artist, underground artist... more »

  • I’ll Show The World

    I'll show the World,
    What I can be, One Day,
    I'll show the world,
    You just wait and see,... more »

  • Love

    The girl my heart beats for,
    The girl my soul hopes for.
    Who is this girl I have met,
    The girl I love for,... more »

  • Music

    The beat flows out of the speakers,
    Strong as ever,
    I hope they don’t get weaker,
    Long beats of coursing sound... more »

  • My Life

    The beginning is forgotten
    The end is unseen
    No one will know the entirety
    Not even I... more »

  • The Fishermen

    Leaveth me in gentle sleep.
    No wet upon my cheek.
    Perhaps the ripple of a lake.
    Will calm the patience of my wait.... more »