• A Humble Heroine

    'Twas at the Seige of Matagarda, during the Peninsular War,
    That a Mrs Reston for courage outshone any man there by far;
    She was the wife of a Scottish soldier in Matagarda Port,
    And to attend to her husband she there did resort.... more »

  • Adventures of King Robert the Bruce

    King Robert the Bruce's deadly enemy, John of Lorn,
    Joined the English with eight hundred Highlanders one morn,
    All strong, hardy, and active fearless mountaineers,... more »

  • General Gordon, The Hero Of Khartoum

    Alas! now o'er the civilised world there hangs a gloom
    For brave General Gordon, that was killed in Khartoum,
    He was a Christian hero, and a soldier of the Cross,
    And to England his death will be a very great loss.... more »

  • Her Beauty

    I heard them say, "Her hands are hard as stone,"
    And I remembered how she laid for me
    The road to heaven. They said, "Her hair is grey."
    Then I remembered how she once had thrown... more »

  • Lines in Defence of the Stage

    Good people of high and low degree,
    I pray ye all be advised by me,
    And don't believe what the clergy doth say,
    That by going to the theatre you will be led astray.... more »

  • The Battle Of Sheriffmuir

    'Twas in the year 1715, and on the 10th of November,
    Which the people of Scotland have cause to remember;
    On that day the Earl of Mar left Perth bound for Sheriffmuir,
    At the same time leaving behind a garrison under Colonel Balfour.... more »

  • The First Grenadier of France

    'Twas in a certain regiment of French Grenadiers,
    A touching and beautiful custom was observed many years;
    Which was meant to commemorate the heroism of a departed comrade,
    And when the companies assembled for parade,... more »

  • The Inauguration of the University College

    Good people of Dundee, your voices raise,
    And to Miss Baxter give great praise;
    Rejoice and sing and dance with glee,
    Because she has founded a College in Bonnie Dundee.... more »

  • The Miraculous Escape Of Robert Allan, The Fireman

    'Twas in the year of 1858, and on October the fourteenth day,
    That a fire broke out in a warehouse, and for hours blazed away;
    And the warehouse, now destroyed, was occupied by the Messrs R. Wylie, Hill & Co.,
    Situated in Buchanan Street, in the City of Glasgow.... more »

  • The Moon

    Beautiful Moon, with thy silvery light,
    Thou seemest most charming to my sight;
    As I gaze upon thee in the sky so high,... more »

  • The Rebel Surprise Near Tamai

    'Twas on the 22nd of March, in the year 1885,
    That the Arabs rushed like a mountain torrent in full drive,
    And quickly attacked General M'Neill's transport-zereba,
    But in a short time they were forced to withdraw.... more »

  • When It's Over

    'Young soldier, what will you be
    When it's all over?'
    'I shall get out and across the sea,... more »