• Coffinrose

    The magic of its beauty
    Sadness of its purpose
    Clashing now together
    While thrown onto the coffin's surface.... more »

  • Memory

    You stare at the sky in the hope for an answer yet nothing to this day you receive. All that is and once was is no more with no explanation as to why.... more »

  • Night

    Acting as a cloak under which to hide,
    allowing myself to reveal more of me
    without having to feel completely
    exposed to all that is out there, but... more »

  • No Love Found

    You woke me in the morning
    Tell me you love me
    And im foolish enough to believe... more »

  • Pain

    The words you speak tear at my heart
    Unleashing a devestating blow to my whole being
    The deeds you perform unknowngly
    Slowly eating at me from inside... more »