Since I was a little girl I loved reading for the fact that everytime I read I got lost in a world unknown to me and yet it let me forget of my own. Books then became predictable to me, I knew how itwould end just by reading the first few pages and it bored me. Thats when I discovered through writting I once again escape into a different world where everything goes according to the ink of your pen. I not only put my own feelings to paper but started imagining other's feelings and to try and understand those extremely deep feelings of sorrow, love, grief and hatred I expressed them in my own way. My poems might not be the best there is out there but at least I know I tried my best.


Maxie De Kock Poems


The words you speak tear at my heart
Unleashing a devestating blow to my whole being
The deeds you perform unknowngly
Slowly eating at me from inside... more »


Acting as a cloak under which to hide,
allowing myself to reveal more of me
without having to feel completely
exposed to all that is out there, but... more »


You stare at the sky in the hope for an answer yet nothing to this day you receive. All that is and once was is no more with no explanation as to why.... more »

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