Hi, I'm a trainee radiotherapist and by no means a poet. I am just someone, who likes to express herself once in a while the different experiences and thoughts I come across. Important moments should be written down which I believe that should not be forgotten. And in my own way, I like to express my self by not writing in a diary as that can take pages. Something, small, simple yet full of every description of the topic which you intend to write. I think I'll stop now, I'm going on and on. I'm quite sure you are bored of my 'lecture'...lol...sorry :)


May Hu Na Poems

How To Cure This Ill Heart?

How to cure this ill heart?
It is very weak
It wants to fall apart... more »

The Truth

What is the truth?
The truth you spoke to me then..
..or the truth you speak now?... more »

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