• A Crush

    I sit there in the corner
    watching you
    Thinking about you
    wanting you... more »

  • A Sun-Kissed Morning

    day breaks, the sun rises through the clouds
    coating the world with its warm rays
    bidding nature a hello as it wakes up
    putting a smile on my face as I see it... more »

  • A Thought

    ... more »

  • Abandoned

    deep thunderous cries echo the sky
    yet you hear them with no clarity
    hard heavy tears coat the ground
    but you are blinded of my pain... more »

  • Alone

    again and again this happens
    chilling cold shoulders, harsh glances
    no words but painful actions
    that hurt more that anything you say... more »

  • Another Predicament

    i'm stuck in the middle with no way out
    torrents of desire crashing against me
    wave after wave they come back
    trapping me in the center... more »

  • Betrayal

    I trusted you and you turned your back…for who?
    This boy who you think your in love with?
    I can’t believe you, can’t believe that you would throw away our friendship
    A bond that we spent years on strengthen... more »

  • Blood And Tears

    drops of crimson fall freely
    spotting the floor randomly
    trails of blood travel down
    from the wound of my heart... more »

  • Broken

    This distance feels so cold
    when it's between you and me
    have we ever really been close
    or was that just hopeful dreaming?... more »

  • Cagayan: My City, My Home...

    To come back to the city,
    the city that was my home.
    a place of pure tranquility,
    to the beaches where I had roamed.... more »

  • Come To Me

    Come to me my love
    Come when I call
    You’re my angel from above
    I’ll catch you when you fall... more »

  • Consequences Of A Warring Mind

    like vines, your mind twists
    winding your thoughts
    creeping along with stealth
    a hush echoes as you make your way... more »

  • Dazzling Eyes

    It shimmers against the darkness
    the only light which guides me
    fixed upon your gorgeous stare
    as i make my way towards you... more »

  • Death

    floating in the cool water
    oblivious to the dangers of engulfing her
    she stares blankly at the bird above her
    a crow encircles her, watching her... more »

  • Decision...

    there's a place in my mind
    where emotions are not welcome
    thoughts drift wordlessly
    blank silence fills the void... more »

  • Detached

    here you are next to me
    us close enough to touch
    yet feeling so far away from you
    it’s like my world was set on autopilot... more »

  • Dew Drops

    the light creeps from the horizon
    the clouds hang heavy in the sky
    the fog clouds my surroundings
    as the dew drops form on the ground... more »

  • Dim Reflection

    Your dim shallow eyes pierces through me
    as your false angelic smile stays on your face
    your cold personality hides away quietly
    as i stare at what you pretend to be... more »

  • Elements

    Like the calming water, he flows
    surging through the cracks of my life
    engulfing me in his sweet tenderness and care
    where he warmly surrounds me with his love... more »

  • False Friendship

    How blind have i been?
    to not see the deceit that's so clear in your eyes
    i have been ignorant, i see
    i have let myself trust you, open up, and be your friend... more »

  • False Hope

    i want to hold someone in my arms
    someone who loves me, someone now
    it's only a matter of finding them
    hidden in this dark desolate place... more »

  • Friends Forever

    As the grey cloudy skies cover my surroundings
    And the rain starts to fall from the sky
    I think of all the good times and the bad
    That we had gone through together... more »

  • Glow

    the room is dim and blurred
    the color fades into gray
    my world lacking those colors
    bright and exuberant, shining... more »

  • Happiness

    feeling elated as i stare into your eyes
    shimmering brightly with joy like the stars above
    running your fingers across my warm skin
    tracing patterns, leaving behind a hot sensation... more »

  • Happy Place

    laying down on the cool grass
    I watch the clouds go by
    thinking of the past and of you... more »