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why is this to hard i don't get it
She doesn't write songs
hi i am your father luke i know where you live
no, just stop. she doesn't even writes songs.
do you even English bro
you are the best song written
Just for you “Maya“ Still I rise love your poems
I love you Maya😍
i love all of maya's poet's
maya angelou is the best
Hi I am here at bear branch elementary and I love your poems inspire me and it just gives me power to be my self and have and i love still i'll rise and
i love still i'll rise
Trying to find my poem. Title is, Why bother
I like your poems mya
i love her poems she is the best so sad she died
anyone heard of nikki giovanni
who wrote the poem, Hey Black Child
Wow. Just amazing. Im so upset that she's not still alive: (((((((((((((((((((((((
My English 104 class is African American Poets. I have been study the late Dr. Angelou. She was an amazing black woman. I am honoring her in honor of Black History Month.
hey maya angelou i like your book the caged bird and you are a good write and i love the caged bird