Maya Angelou Quotes

“While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obligated to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also Gods creation.”
“No one can take the place of a friend, no one.”
“I believe that one can never leave home. I believe that one carries the shadows, the dreams, the fears and the dragons of home under ones skin, at the extreme corners of ones eyes and possibly in the gristle of the earlobe.”
Letter to My Daughter
“While one may encounter many defeats, one must not be defeated.”
“You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies. You may trod me in the very dirt, but still like dust, Ill rise.”
“The main thing in ones own private world is to try to laugh as much as you cry.”
“Live as though life was created for you.”
“The human heart...tells us that we are more alike than we are unalike.”
Letter to My Daughter
“Poetry puts starch in your backbone so you can stand, so you can compose your life.”
“To be left alone on the tightrope of youthful unknowing is to experience the excruciating beauty of full freedom and the threat of eternal indecision. Few, if any, survive their teens. Most surrender to the vague but murderous pressure of adult conformity. It becomes easier to die and avoid conflict than to maintain a constant battle with the superior forces of maturity.”
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings