• (shadows Of) Moving

    Straight roads were taken
    The sea was so near-
    Green garden was open-
    You had nothing to fear... more »

  • 4 Against 1

    She stands alone
    Attacked and ambushed by you grownups,
    No one hears her voice,
    Not a listening soul.... more »

  • A Conversation With Time

    Time, Time.
    Will you pass?
    Can't sit anymore in class,
    His voice is quiet, I can't hear,... more »

  • A Fact

    I know my self esteem shows,
    You don't have to tell me
    In fact, you are not renewing anything
    Just disturbing my spirit's peace...... more »

  • A Friend Or A Foe?

    In a world of bright darkness
    In a world of awe
    How can one tell
    A Friend from a Foe?... more »

  • A Heavy Cloud

    I carry a heavy cloud,
    Black and thick it is,
    Gray and depression is around-
    No wanting to move or ease.... more »

  • A Peaceful Twilight

    The sunset spreads its shade,
    Seeing this are a Heart and a Spade,
    Silently they talk,
    And peacefully, hand in hand, they walk.... more »

  • After Coffee

    The head is dizzy
    The body shatters and trembles,
    The hand shakes irrationally
    Feeling of nausea fills the air... more »

  • An Inncocent

    Just an innocent maden,
    walks around the world,
    Only in her childhood-... more »

  • Ay, My Friend! (A Grief)

    One more infront of you my child
    Holding out a loving hand for you to hold
    But the only feelings of yours
    Are cold- cold.... more »

  • Burning With Love

    When I come close,
    And talk to you,
    My heart leaps.... more »

  • Confusion

    I am searching,
    God knows what
    Seeking, looking
    But for what?... more »

  • Cupid's Victim

    I am a captive
    of my own will who shades... more »

  • Days Of Darkness

    Darkness surrounds my spirit
    Gloomness is piercing my heart-
    My body feels hollow and empty-
    My soul is falling apart.... more »

  • Dearest Father

    Almost two years
    Since you passed away
    Seems like forever,
    And yet just a day... more »

  • Drifting Slowly

    Dozing on a bench
    Under the blue cloudless sky
    The sun at its peak
    Very high,... more »

  • Excuses

    I have a heart attack you guys!
    Can't stand to hear all your lies,
    Though I beat All, I shall say,
    A list of excuses, will never decay:... more »

  • Freeing Myself

    Every time it rises anew,
    The will of freeing myself from you
    To runaway, to flee, to rush
    But every time, I hush.... more »

  • Hold On To Illusions

    I wanna believe that after death the souls are taken to an
    immortal land
    Which is ever green and always shiny
    With flowers that surround every path that is taken by the... more »

  • I Am Gay

    I am Gay,
    Shall I feel shame?
    This is what I feel!... more »

  • I Fear But Musn'T Confess

    I'm afraid to wander alone in the dark,
    Afraid of the neighbourhood trees,
    Afraid of a non-moon sky,
    And of the sting of bees.... more »

  • I Had A Dream (Of Which I Heavily Start To Wake)

    I had a dream,
    In it, you appeared,
    Embraced me in your arms
    With tenderness and warmth.... more »

  • In The Cotton Field

    Ay cotton seeds, cotton weeds.
    Grow day and night
    Through clouds and rain-
    Grow little trees... more »

  • Is She Real?

    A young soul wanders
    Between four walls
    She has some friends
    She has some flaws... more »

  • Land Of Love

    On a white horse... more »