MAZID.S.KAZI is an Indian poet in English. He was born on 8\10\1951 in Rattihalli, Dist: Haveri, Karnataka State India. He completed his graduation in English in Karnatak college of Karanatak University Dharwad. Mazid s kazi was the Principal of S.A.Q. High School Bankapur, Dist-Haveri, Karnataka, INDIA. He is the strict follower of William Shakespeare, John Milton, E.A.Robinson and John Keats the great poets. MAZID.S.KAZI expresses his own feelings, ideas and emotions in his poetical style. He has published his first edition called 'Indian poetry in English' in 2006.
I wish to express my deep feelings to MAZID.S.KAZI, who has taken pains to produce the poems.I wish him further to create such other works of English literature. The themes of poems that he has produced are about the mankind and man's righteousness towards 'The God'.I have gone through the poems and found that MAZID.S.KAZI's poems have worth. God bless him for his forth coming opportunities to bring out such literary works.


Mazid S Kazi


Mazid S Kazi , INDIA Poems

A Teacher Is The Best Artist Of The Child

A teacher is the best artist of the child.
He is also the real builder of our Nation.
If his statue fails, the child becomes wild.
Then, what about the future of our Nation?... more »

Death Death Death

All of a sudden my death attacked me harshly.
And smothered me violently with a vital-force.
My body lay breathless on the bed in agony.
However I recovered and pushed the death with all force.... more »


Am I born firstly in my mother's stomach?
Yes, that is my first heaven in which I grow.
My mother feeds me and let me drink her milk.
Really she is just like a divinely adored cow.... more »

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Comments about Mazid S Kazi , INDIA

Rockeronhunt 12 Apr 2018 01:03
Allha tabarak wa talaha aap ki roh mehfuz rahkhe
Uzefa Rashida M.a 26 Mar 2016 10:04
Dear Sir I found your poems enlightening and the need of the hour. You are asocial reformer and have found a great way to reach to the people through your poems. I appreciate your genuine feelings and efforts. You indeed have a heart of gold. Your poems express the agonies that a common Indian undergoes in this journey called life. You are a great poet sir.
Salema Khatun 07 Jan 2012 07:47
this is a very good poem sir...i like it and enjoyed it...really a nice one