• Falling Too Fast

    here in your arms, falling too fast
    trying to ponder how long this puppy love will last
    will it be a week or month or two
    what is it i am supposed to do?... more »

  • I Am

    I am outgoing and talkative.
    I wonder why people can be so cruel.
    I hear the wind blowing.
    I see the sun smiling.... more »

  • Just One More?

    so, yeah you say you love me but how do i know its real?
    because you've said it to other girls but you forgot to 'seal the deal'
    am i gonna be the next one to go or am i gonna stay a while?
    do you even mean it when you say, 'baby, i love you and you make me smile? '... more »

  • Life Is...

    life is rough
    life is tough
    life has strife
    life is life... more »

  • Love

    ... more »

  • Misconseptions

    beautiful people are supposed to get far in life
    they dont have any pain, hate or strife
    their days go perfect
    at least that's what people think... more »

  • No Doubts

    i want you to know how i feel but its just so hard to express
    but i sure know one thing, i love you more than i 'loved' all the rest
    i really thought i loved them, but that was just a lie
    because i simply forgot about them and forever said goodbye... more »

  • Stronger And Stronger

    ... more »

  • The Sunset Through My Eyes [a Haiku]

    ... more »

  • This Morning...

    I awoke this morning blinded by the white
    bare trees, plows and 10 inches of snow was all that was in my sight
    the wind blew, now watch the feathery snow go
    people shoveling and cars driving slow... more »

  • Trying To Forget

    at one time you said you loved me, but it was just a lie
    are you just gonna forget me? forever say goodbye?
    i say it doesn't matter, that it doesn't bother me at all
    but really its kills me when you never call... more »