I am a student and write on things which really make their mark on my thoughts.
Poetry is a passion to me... it is a source of expression... through which i can reach out to inner self... Do read my poems...I am sure you will find them good.


Md. G.D. Faisal Poems

Life’s Beautiful

Life in its fullest splendor,
Flowers in their sweetest bloom,
Feel the bliss of life slender,
Give it up, forget all the gloom.... more »

The Touch Of Love

The touch of love, the eternal bliss, the rush of joy,
The feel of happiness,
It beckons and calls,
all those in this world, who have the time to halt.... more »

A Victim's Cry!

Life has made its dreadful turns,
The heart is scythed and seared,... more »

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Priyanka 16 Jul 01:52
They are really nice and meaningful.