• Childhood Never Returns

    In the exhausted afternoon
    I am solitary.
    Blusterous infancy
    returns back... more »

  • Expulsive Poetry

    The precious moments I left,
    The poetic images I illustrated,
    All are the guests of expulsion.
    But I always sleep late at night... more »

  • Intoxicating Hemlock

    In Meteorite mode
    insane night is coming out towards me.
    Never forget the Toxic Masks
    at Mussel images.... more »

  • Intuitive Intuition

    I'm not fine.

    Being fade wing of the cloud
    In melted spirit of global warming... more »

  • Love Deed

    The bridegroom feels very cold

    At desolate streams,... more »

  • Portrait

    Does time tend to hang in its running way?
    So, why you become nostalgic for your past journey?
    Before embracing sudden final ending one day for tiredness
    Do you wish to become great doing work honestly?... more »

  • Silent Wind

    Finally there you are, as hoped.
    It won't be too long to feel
    the serenity of tickling wind.
    No competition, no anxiety, no one else even.... more »

  • To Calm Nature

    No fragrance has been diffused
    from Rose recently.
    Love butterfly won`t hug again
    in luxurious dream poetry.... more »

  • To You

    Do you ever ask me
    How much I love thee?
    In your eyes
    My love lies.... more »