• Beauty Is What You Wear

    Here is the symbol of our love, love struck
    Every kiss from you is another good luck
    We argue, we get mad if we don't f''''''''k.... more »

  • Empty Heart

    When you promise your love, u said its what you can handle
    You promise to light my heart instead you burn me with a candle
    With all the promises I thought your love was pure... more »

  • I Am A Stranger

    Do we really know who we are
    Why do we suffer and they say everyone is a star
    We want to impress, why do we go through stress
    And God created us the best, what is the quest.... more »

  • Life

    The journey of our life is like a mile
    The mile of the journey is our life
    Everyday is for birth, everyday is for death
    Living without a hope is like been dead on earth... more »

  • Love Note

    Read every lines of my love story
    The sweetness of my new glory
    How beautiful u passed my way
    I could remember a day like yesterday... more »

  • The Future

    I see the future
    Like a documentary of all nature
    A vision where everyone will practice one culture
    In addition, this is my scripture... more »

  • Time Is Rolling By.

    Don't live without learning from your mistakes
    Fight to be a winner because you have all it takes
    There is no courage without faith
    Those with fears are failing till date... more »