Meagan Loves Cody Biography

My name is Meagan, and I was born in San Diego, Ca. I currently live in Camden, NC. I am currently and always will be deeply in love with my boyfriend Cody Rutherford. He has always been there for me through everything I LOVE YOU TO DEATH. He also pushes me to do things and he is the only one I live for. Most of my poems are about him but the rest of my poems are about things that have happended and how I have felt. All my poems come from my heart so they are true and pure. Thanks to Cody helping me, I am able to express how I truly felt and what happended through poems. He is the one that started me on them and they have helped a lot, but not as much as he has. He keeps me from doing anything and is my one and only inspiration. I love Cody and nothing will ever change that. Well thats all for now. I'll talk to everyone later. Bye!