• A Rape Story

    Walking in my nighty, rubbing my eyes
    My fathers sitting on the sofa with his friend
    He pats the seat in the middle; i sit
    Shivering so cold, a quilt he lends... more »

  • A Thousand Piece Puzzle

    If you only knew the truth
    about what i've really gone through
    You wouldn't say the things you do
    You wouldn't act the way you do... more »

  • Always & Forever

    From the day it started,
    Till the last breath I take
    Your're the only I truly need
    There's no doubt in my mind that you're the one for me... more »

  • Awful Mistake

    One rainy day,
    I made an awful mistake,
    Why, I just don't know
    But it caused you a lot of heartache... more »

  • Be With You

    When I first met you I didn't care,
    Then after a while I felt you there
    Before I met you my hopes had seemed to die,
    and now I have no tears left to cry.... more »

  • Because Of You

    You rescued the very existance that was me
    Held my life in your hands, and waited to see
    Just what would become and what we would be
    And I am being honest when I say.. I've never been so happy... more »

  • Dance

    I’m standing on the stairs in a magnificent hall
    Wearing the dress that I bought for the ball
    It’s long and flowing, sparkling white
    My tiara of diamonds shines in the light... more »

  • Fight Back

    With every day that I live
    Its another day I cant forget
    All the bruises that come with every hit
    Tears running down my cheek... more »

  • Going Crazy

    I know you're going crazy,
    I've been there too.
    I can see how the weight is making your knees bend,
    Let me take some of it from you.... more »

  • Hiding

    I won't show my true emotions
    All the bad ones at least
    The pain, sorrow, agony
    Is tucked deep down inside, beneath... more »

  • I Can'T Believe It

    I want you to hold me
    And never let go
    I love you so much
    More than you or I will ever know... more »

  • I Love 333

    I can't get you off my mind
    I can't wait to talk to you
    You're always in my dreams
    Your my wish come true... more »

  • I'M Sorry & I Promise

    I'm sorry it happended
    It's something I swore I'd never do
    I had never planned on it happening,
    I just didn't know what to do... more »

  • Memories

    I thought about you yesterday,
    And tears ran down my face
    As I remembered all the memories
    That can never be erased... more »

  • My Father

    A father is someone you run to
    A loving person that will hold you like glue
    A father is someone that will care
    And he is always has wisdom to share... more »

  • My First Love

    You are my first love
    And I thank the man up above for
    having me together with the most amazing person
    Everytime I talk to you or think about you... more »

  • R.I.P Ocean Marie 3

    God has come to say that it's time for you to leave
    Though as thankful I must be
    I never thought that you would be before me
    You were such a beautiful person inside and out,... more »

  • She Is Still There

    A- s you think of all the times you both shared, remember her

    D-ear to you I know, know that she is always going to be proud
    E-verything you remember about her, remember most, she is still there... more »

  • Too Much

    As I sit on the bathroom floor
    feeling like nothing but a whore
    so much pain to hold
    all just waiting to unfold... more »

  • U R Like The...

    when i look into your eyes,
    All I see is love not lies
    your'e like a picture in a magazine,
    you brighten up the whole page.... more »

  • What I Would Do For You

    If loving you was a mistake,
    I would never be perfect
    If I had to sacrafice everything for you,
    Everything would be gone in a instant... more »

  • Who Is She

    I use to sit in the dark by myself
    Watching the days go by
    My corner in my room began to
    Become cold and lifeless... more »

  • You Killed Me

    I'm sorry i'm still here
    I'm sorry i'm still breathing your air
    I'm sorry I didn't bleed enough
    I'm sorry I didn't bruise enough... more »

  • You'Ll Remember Her

    At the rising of the sun and as its going down,
    You'll remember her

    At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of Winter,... more »