Hi I am Meagan Rath My Birthday is September 20th 1996
i have black hair i have a brother named Curtis
I Have a Sister Named Alisha
I Have a Step sister named karen
I Have A Step brother named John
I have A Dog Named Max
I have a Cat Named Bebe
I Have A Fish Named Ruby


Meagan Rath Poems


I Had a friend who was realy nice to me,
until she turned goth,
I couldnt see her again,
I was scared, i didnt no what to do,... more »


I Can Be Shy,
I dont no why,
I think of what people might think of me,
But thats there opinion of me not mine,... more »


I like London,
I like France,
But i dont like underpants.... more »

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Red Manalansan 17 Oct 2006 09:50
your poem sucks but the london thingy something like that and why im in this website?