• August 14

    Looking down from the roof-top of the same place
    Cars, shouts, fights, decaying trees...
    Nothing's changed, my dear
    It is the second year and he is still singing his non tamo pius'... more »

  • Gaza

    Tell Gaza I love her
    Though I cannot be with her
    And my tears fall; shameful streams,
    As I watch shadows engulf her beauty... more »

  • Hate Undone

    I wish the plane you're going to board crashes
    And you and what I have of you turns to debris and ashes
    As you fly across oceans and lands
    On your way to that distant land with foggy beaches, skinny-legged tramps... more »

  • I Have Loved

    I have loved you
    With all will and power,
    I have loved you
    Because love is what befits... more »

  • Love

    Not a lonely place for me... NO more
    This globe shook, turned and tossed him
    right unto me
    Friday chills and lazy afternoons... more »

  • Memories To Sell

    What is felt by the heart can rarely be expressed with words
    We've been through all that. I thought you knew me by now
    We have stopped being lovers for four years now
    We have not spoken to each other since then... more »

  • My Pillar

    We’re two of a kind, you and I
    You; in your big world
    Weaving charms around them porcelain-skinned girls,
    How you are blinded by their radiant magnificence... more »

  • Neda

    No white rose to grace your grave
    Not enough tears to abolish the hate

    They stand so aloft and haughty... more »

  • Ode On A Summer Night

    This is a bad dream, a morbid vision
    of what is not supposed to be
    Haze in my eyes from God's forbidden weeds
    Medea's revenge on Butterfly's long awaited savior... more »

  • On The Death Of Mohammed

    Mohammed, what can I say on your untimely departure?
    I miss you…Every now and then I remember that big smile of yours
    That optimistic happy mood you were always in
    I would always strut in the place where you always ended up at... more »

  • Poor Imitation Of Lord Byron's Fayre Thee Well

    I hate you and forever, still forever, I loathe you
    Should this hate be spilled before you
    Where thy supposed love lingered for four years
    Should this tarnished worn-out body... more »

  • Prison

    There's always a door
    There's always a prison behind that door
    The sea of your jeweled dreams
    will vapor amidst waves of broken hopes,... more »

  • Question

    How to disassociate your body from your mind?
    Kindly try and fill the void with your voice

    First: Stop Writing... more »

  • Raindrops

    There aren’t raindrops falling on my head no more
    My dear drugged alcoholic friend
    You spoke witful and sobering words into my existence
    In amazement, I listened as you ate your greens... more »

  • Reshaping Reality

    Smoking the day's last cigarette
    Sipping my last cup of coffee
    Silence, the curse of the night
    Most of God's creations just go to sleep... more »

  • The Aristocrat

    A diamonded jewel in a wretched sphere
    I found thee, hungry and weak
    I took thee under mine own wing
    Thou wert a rare queen belonging to me... more »

  • The Idiot

    On a warm spring day, the river mirrors
    Images of trees on banks, vividly expressive
    Of every speck and detail
    Mine soul is a reflection of thee... more »

  • The Lover

    Nastassya, you stand laughing at my foolery
    My morbid obsession of thee
    Among fallen women, you say; but
    Thou art the princess of my dreams... more »

  • Thoughts At 4: 45

    Northern lights reflect their shadows
    The dismal lake absorbs and swallows
    Love on this earth is meager
    I roll over to his side, I'm still eager... more »

  • Thoughts Of Black

    Empty, cold, I feel so morbidly alone
    To think these thoughts every day or two
    To have the same feelings of yesterday
    Is this what you have to offer me?... more »

  • Virtues Of Alcohol

    Pour me a glass or six, dear bartender
    You seem to forget that we've been through this through and through
    Quench my thirst for forgetfulness and happiness in its most vulgar base shape
    I am happy in this state and you, them cannot get to me... more »

  • White

    The cursed streets of Beirut,
    The city that knows neither night nor day
    The two entwine into a perfect blend
    Of continues euphoria for those who seek it... more »