• An Ode To The One I Love

    I look outside my window,
    On a bright lovely sunny day,
    The dew drops on the leaves and,
    Flowers blooming close to stay,... more »

  • Could Love Sustain

    My heart would surely miss a beat,
    A beat if you look that way just once,
    Just once you tell me that you do,
    Give me atleast, atleast one chance.... more »

  • Separation

    In my dreams, I hold,
    hold a lovely story,
    A story close to the heart,
    registered in my memory.... more »

  • Success


    A step at a time and not a big leap at once,... more »

  • This One's For You Dad

    I stepped on this earth, crying my heart out,
    Crying for a loving look, and a tender touch,
    I looked around, and searched in the crowd,
    That face, that look, heavenly as such,... more »